Delivery Options

If you want your order delivered to your door or distribution center you can count on TLC Packaging Inc. to set up delivery to your desired location. We ship via local delivery truck, freight and rail car in an effort to find the most cost effective mode of delivery. Just let us know your requests, and we will make sure to meet and exceed those needs.

Material Selection

Virgin? Repro? What is masterbatch anyway? There is no need to  be an expert in rheology in order to select the right materials for your end products. Simply let us know what your needs and expectations are and we can custom tailor a recipe to manufacture your end products. Color options are available as well, so please do not hesitate to ask!

Packaging and palletizing

We provide packaging options in the form of custom box sizes to store the case quantity you desire. Prefer a printed label? Sure, not a problem. We can also provide other print you require on your finished cases and stack them to suit your facilities needs. 

Print options

We are capable of printing 2 sided print, up to 4 colors to make sure your company's logos and other information stand out when on display. We can have engraved rollers or rubber die cut stamps to roll on your print designs onto your final products. Please click the capabilities tab above to see some of the products we have done in the past.

Managing your order

Time is money, and no one is in the market of wasting either. At TLC Packaging Inc. we strive to meet deadlines on time. Each order is carefully calculated in order to meet the time frame set for completion. Our quality control is monitored on a time schedule to ensure only the best products make it into the final shipments. 

Design Planning

If your design is sketched on a napkin or a full on 3d cad image, send it on over to us and we will do the grunt work of making your design a reality. Custom sizes, bag handle cut out, number of folds and mil thickness, you let us know what you want and we will make it happen.

TLC Packaging Inc

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