Quality virgin resins and repro resins

Virgin resins from companies such as Muehlstein, Formosa, Nexus and Heritage plastics are what comprise the majority of the raw materials we use  to manufacturer our films. We also implement using repro resins that have been reprocessed in house to cut down environmental impact and cost. Our quality control ensures that the repro resins used are contaminate free and suitable for use in production.

Our Products at a glance

We have had the pleasure of serving our customers with great products and pricing, and here are just a few of the more recent products we have made here at TLC packaging Inc.. We also specialize in the reusable retail bags manufacturing, stretch films for pallet wrapping and grocery/produce bags as well as retail.

Printing Options

With the capability to inline print from the blown film extruder on 3 of our extruder lines, or separately on our 4 color print machine we can assure that the color scheme you choose along with any designs you have, will come out clean, crisp and legible. With over 50 interchangeable rolls on hand we have your printing options met from generic to custom printing!

TLC Packaging Inc

industrial and consumer film products manufacturer